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as of: 06/24/2013

2011 registration rule in place, DNA now required for all Arabian mares bred to Shagya stallions.

Presidents Letter 

March 15, 2014

Hello Shagya Friends,

The spring issue of the ASAV newsletter will be dedicated our lifetime member Dr. Egon Kamarasy. He just celebrated his 95th birthday with a fanfare of family and friends, and I was honored to be invited. The truth is, it was a perfect time for a road trip to Carbondale, Illinois. We hope you will be entertained as this year we will feature excerpts from his memoirs, Diplomat, Soldier, Horsemen, and Teacher - Egon Kamarasy.

In 2013 the ASAV Board struggled with its identity within the Shagya Community. Many questions were asked about who we were and where we were going. One newsletter was put out over the last year, which made the ASAV look as if we were not active. The opposite was quite true, as we had our ASAV Distant Challenge was held in Virginia, promotional tables were set up all over the country in Florida, Indiana and Kentucky at different big endurance rides. ASAV Shagya Arabian Halter Classes celebrated their 10th anniversary at the Bluegrass Arabian Spring Blast Show and the San-n-tone Series of Shows.

Over past several years, we in the horse industry know the economy was in the "manure pile." At least in Kentucky it seems better as the Thoroughbred Sales are up. Why you ask, is this important to the Shagya Arabian Market? In 2010, horsemen were saying (in Kentucky) "Lexington is bleeding broodmares." What this meant is that Lexington TB breeders were giving away well-bred mares. To understand the horse industry it has alway run on luxury income of their owners. If luxury income is non-existent, people will not buy horses; in fact in many cases good riding horses were being given away. Over the last few years we have heard of Shagya breeders and owners to whom have lost their horses, sold them cheaply or given them away. This is a concern throughout the horse community, but we should be looking at this problem closely, as the Shagya Arabian is a rare and possibly endangered breed.

The loss of genetic diversity should be of great concern to all Shagya Arabian breeders.

The Interim-Board of Directors met on March 10th, 2014 to discuss the up coming elections and current issues. The ASAV NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING will be held on April 6th, 2014 at 8 pm eastern. It will be a conference call. ASAV members may call into 1-605 475-4700 (Free conference call) 432651 # pin. If you use your cell phone we may ask you to put it on mute, until you have comments to make. It keeps less interference on the line.

The April 6th agenda is available by emailing asav@bellsouth.net. We will be taking further nominations the night of the meeting along with the members who are currently slated.

I'm looking forward to hearing for everyone. If you have any questions please call me at 502-419-7638 evenings.

Best regards, Darlene Steven, Interim Chair

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